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The following announcement will appear in the fall issue of the Historical Journal of Massachusttes. We are seeking historians and scholars who might be interested in contributing to our special 75th retrospective issue in 2011 or our 40th volume in 2012 We would love to offer some historiographical reviews on such topics as the Puritans, Salem Witch trials, role of Mass. in the American Revolution, Native American, Women's History, Labor/Economic History, African-American history, Mass. politics, recent developments, new ethnic and immigrant communities, etc. (In general we would like to be publishing much more on 20th century history and events!) These are all areas that have gone through dramatic reinterpretations over the last 40 years. See our mission statement at the bottom. Thes two special projects are funded through a grant from Mass Humanities.


HJM's 75th Commemorative Double Issue (June ‘11)

Next year the Historical Journal of Massachusetts will publish a single double issue in June 2011 to commemorate our 75th issue. Our goal in this special volume will be to explore how various aspects of Massachusetts history have been reinterpreted over recent decades. We hope to provide a reappraisal of some of the pivotal themes in Massachusetts history from the Puritans to the American Revolution to the present, along with introducing our readers to less well-known events and developments in Massachusetts history. In 2012 we may also publish a similar double issue to commemorate our 40th anniversary. (Subscribers, please note our changed publication dates, a single June double issue for the years 2011 and 2012.)

Creation of an Online, Open-Access Database (Archive) of Past Articles

Currently, past HJM articles are only available to those with access to a university library. For example, the full-text version of all HJM articles published since 1998 are available through the subscription database ProQuest Central. To commemorate our 75th issue, we will create our own archive or database where the full-text of all articles published since 1990 (over 160 articles covering all aspects of Massachusetts history, culture, politics, and peoples) will be available online and for free through our website.

This public service will enable anyone anywhere in the world to have access to hundreds of in-depth articles on many diverse facets of Massachusetts history. Open Access will provide the public with unlimited access to a continually expanding database of high-quality, historical research. We hope that this online archive will be available by April ’11.



The Historical Journal of Massachusetts (HJM) is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Institute for Massachusetts Studies at Westfield State University. We offer articles, book reviews, photo essays, and teaching resources about Massachusetts history, culture, politics, and peoples. Our focus ranges from political history to labor and social history; ethnic, immigrant, and women's studies; biography and public history.

As the only biennial journal devoted exclusively to the history of Massachusetts, HJM fills an important role in preserving the state’s rich cultural heritage. Massachusetts has often been at the forefront of national reform struggles, from the abolition of slavery to public education and worker’s rights. We seek to highlight this “people’s history” through a focus on the history of reform movements and social change.

We cover all topics and aspects of the Commonwealth’s past — from its Native American heritage through its colonial and revolutionary roots to the present. We strive to include all fields of history, including political, social, cultural, economic, labor, legal, and immigration. We highlight the unique histories of specific groups, including women’s history, along with the diverse experiences of the state’s many ethnic and minority communities.

In addition, each issue includes a “Photo Essay” along with an “Editor’s Choice” selection that offers our readers excerpts from especially significant and groundbreaking recent works. Other special features include a “Teaching Resources” section that offers articles and lesson plans on the teaching of Massachusetts history designed especially for secondary and middle school teachers.

We invite you to contribute by becoming a subscriber, author, book reviewer, and/or patron. Contributions from novice authors as well as established historians are welcomed. At $12.00 annually, HJM is one of the least expensive scholarly journals, thanks to the generosity of our many patrons and the support of Westfield State. If you enjoy this issue, please consider making a contribution.

Dr. Mara Dodge
Editor, Historical Journal of Massachusetts
c/o Westfield State University
577 Western Avenue
Westfield, MA 01086
Tel. 413-572-5344

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