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New revenue streams for historical organizations, libraries, students, researchers!

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, I have spent many years in the history and library communities, and I am very interested in finding new revenue streams for the organizations and individuals involved.

When I wrote my ebook A Source of Pride (and Customers): A Historian’s Guide to Doing You..., it was certainly written for businesses and organizations as an easy step-by-step manual to follow. But my ulterior motive was to provide revenue streams for historical nonprofits, libraries, AND history students and researchers.

With that in mind, I would love it if you would take a look at this description of what’s in the book. This page also provides links to some videos I taped to describe the book and the many benefits that come from “doing” a business history.

If you are a library or historical organization, I hope you will purchase A Source of Pride and put it to use right away! Revenue awaits you!

If you are a history student or researcher, no matter how much experience you have I suspect there are some helpful ideas for you in A Source of Pride. This work could easily become a regular way for you to freelance and actually make money “doing” history.

If you are a business person, please purchase a copy and donate it to your library (which a friend of mine did in his home town), and then purchase a second copy for your historical society or museum. AND please purchase a copy for yourself, for your team to use, because you have the right to celebrate your anniversary every five years!

And if you are celebrating an anniversary, I have more ideas about that for you in this ebook called Go Beyond the Party: 11 Simple Ways to Use Your Anniversary to Buil...

(A note to my friends in the nonprofit sector: I apply the word “business” to both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors.)

Both ebooks are only $29.97 (a special price just for all of you), which is short money for dozens of tried and true revenue generating ideas – but I really want to see them work for all of you!

Here’s to more money in your coffers!

Your colleague,


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