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Massachusetts Bay Colony- Tercentenary Markers

Most Massachusetts Studies Network members are familiar with The Massachusetts Tercentenary Markers located along major highways and local roadways in the Commonwealth. The markers were commissioned by the legislature in 1930 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of The Massachusetts Bay Colony. During January 2010 I posted an appeal for Massachusetts Studies Network members to assist in the documentation of the markers.  

This effort is supported by HMdb (, a nationally known organization dedicated to the documentation of historical markers; through a separate marker series, under the title Massachusetts Bay Colony - Tercentenary Commission Markers. The web URL is

Some progress was made last year, with some 23 markers now recorded in the data base. I would encourage all Massachusetts Studies Network members to get out their cameras and join in the effort to document the remaining markers in their area. Markers in your area can be found in a reference titled, Historical Markers Erected by Massachusetts Bay Colony Commission (1930), available at:

Most states which have similar types of publically funded markers sponsor a website to highlight these important events in their history. Readers are encouraged to visit the North Carolina marker website at, for an illustration of such sites. Interestingly enough the Commonwealth does not maintain such a website for the Massachusetts Bay Colony Tercentenary Markers.

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Comment by Darrell English on May 29, 2013 at 7:30

I have a book printed back then tell about the Markers


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