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Well, well, well... When I visited the network this morning, we had 95 members. Came back this evening - we've broken the 100-member mark! One hundred and six illustrious members, and counting. The honorable 100th member was (drum roll, please) Jayne Gordon - welcome Jayne!

The steady growth of the network is due to the invitations you're extending to friends and colleagues to join you here. There have been 343 invitations extended to date. They call this phenomenon "viral spread" in the social networking world, but gosh, that sounds just nasty, so let's think instead "steady growth." It is wonderful to see!

As a group, your major activity to date seems to be "Comment Wall" postings between individuals. It's just a beehive of activity there behind the scenes, with people meeting and greeting and making connections right and left. Interest Groups and Discussion threads are slowly taking shape. I hope there will also be a rise in your use of the "My Journal" feature - see that link near the top of your profile page? It allows you to keep a journal / blog like this one you're reading now, where you can post deep thoughts, shallow thoughts, announcements, queries and the like for the network's edification.

In celebration of the 100th Member Mark, we've installed a text chat feature on the front page (thanks for the suggestion, Bethany!) When you log onto the network, consider signing into the chat box, too (if you feel like chatting ;) and see if there's anyone else online with you. If so, you can strike up a live text chat, just like the young peeps do, LOL. Note that a chat conversation lingers on the screen even after you log off, until it scrolls up and off due to additional activity. Try it, and let us know what you think!

That's all for now. I know I need to do more to help you all, especially new members, get acclimated to the Network, point out available features, organize FAQ files, etc. Those will come soon, I promise, albeit in fits and starts... Till then, keep your comments and suggestions coming in and those invitations going out!

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