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I think we are all annoyed by Lurette Travis' use of the site for spamming on ring tones. Is there any way for the organizers to remove a user? If not, I suggest you just block further messages from Ms. Travis. I just clicked on her name and saw that option under her photo.

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Ms. Travis has been BANNED from the network. Thanks for catching that and thanks to those of you who let Ms. Travis know that her spam ads were unwelcome. We want to keep this network open to any and all who are interested, so we do need your help in making sure there is nothing inappropriate going on. If this happens again, feel free to post here or send a note to Joanne Riley or myself. THANKS!
Alas, spam attacks have rather suddenly become a problem on many Ning-hosted networks. As Heather notes, we hope to maintain open registration here on the MAStudies Network, but we do have the option, if spam becomes a problem, to set up a simple approval process for new members.

Note: when a member is administratively "banned", all comments and messages are deleted from the network. If there are any remnants of Ms. Travis' messages on your Comment Wall, just click on the little "x" in the upper right corner of that message to delete.

The harsh-sounding label (Banned) is used by Ning to clarify that network administrators like Heather and me cannot delete anybody's Ning account, but can only prevent (i.e. ban) that person from participating in our particular network...

-- j
Thanks Joanne and Heather!
Joanne and Heather - Thanks, you're doing a great job!
Thanks for taking care of this!
Just an FYI - we just banned a "Jennifer" from the network who was sending out spam to members, too. Thanks to Ken Yellis for catching this one!



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