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In addition to the journaling capabilities on this network, I'd love to know who out there blogs or twitters on Massachusetts history/culture related-things... Or uses some other as-yet-undiscovered Web 2.0 technology. Post a link below and we'll see if we can send some more traffic your way!!

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I am not twittering about Mass history or culture per say, but am using twitter to follow important and interesting cultural institutions such as the Library of Congress, Smithsonian, and the Brooklyn Museum. I am also following smart and "in-the-know" individuals such as Nina Simon (who has the web 2.0 blog).

- @leewright -- me
- @marlborohistory -- for our historical society
- Read Write History -- discussing the increasing use of inexpensive modern tools to increase the awareness of and engagement with local history, and ultimately to encourage historic preservation.
We do both! Visit our blog at or follow us on twitter (@jwaonline)

We use the blog to comment on news, or to talk about new thoughts introduced by our archives. Twitter we use to tell people what we're doing, significant historical items (This Day in History, for instance).

Wonderful tools. I hope others chime in about what they are doing with them.
@singingstring on twitter
@SalemHistorySoc on twitter

Blogs (but not specifically mass history):

I have a blog at  It's concentrated on the history of my father's family and the Mohicans, since they were some of my father's ancestors.  My paternal grandfather's family came from Berkshire County, with family spreading out to Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and elsewhere.




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