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Please post here any questions you have about getting around and using the features in this online network.

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Hi Laura - you can delete a comment entirely by clicking on that oh-so-subtle little white "x" in the grey circle to the upper right of your comment. It looks like this:

See it? Try that. If your message disappears, I'll know you were successful ;)) Actually, it would be great if you could delete another message and leave this one here, as the location of that "x" might be useful information for our colleagues on the network!
What is the journal feature on this site?Are these published somewhere other than under your profile? Can you invite people who are not site members to view specific entries? I've been looking for a site to share information and get feedback from colleagues on some of my research and this could be a great resource.
Hi Margo - the "journal" feature is basically a personal blog for each member, published under your profile, and visible to non-members for viewing (they can't comment unless they're members.)

You're welcome to use it in any way that seems useful for you, with the understanding that the colleagues you mention would have to join the MAStudies Network in order to comment on your writings. This is an experimental network, so we can't guarantee the longevity of your journal/blog in the same way that, say, Typepad or might. But, it could be a great place to try out blogging, and we hope and assume the network will be around for a good, long run!
Joanne- We had some trouble getting the History Press logo to appear as their discussion group icon. I had to change it from a .jpg to a .gif in order for it to appear. It is fine now, but I wasn't sure why I had to do that. Any ideas?



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