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Please post here any questions you have about getting around and using the features in this online network.

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how do I tag a post? --pleun
I don't think you can tag specific discussion posts. The discussion thread creator can tag the whole discussion, but I think the idea is that all specific posts would be included in those tags.

You can tag discussions, photos, videos, journal posts and probably other elements, too.

Tagging is a next big thing for us to address here, to better organize the network and make its materials more accessible...
Inviting new members.... This is an abbreviated version of what is sent via email when you invite new members:

[YOUR NAME] has invited you to join The Massachusetts Studies Network
A social network for local studies practitioners in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Come join me on The Massachusetts Studies Network!

Check out The Massachusetts Studies Network:
Someone (sorry I forget who) asked about how RSS works. Here's a brief video:

I also added the video over on the Video tab.
Love those Common Craft videos... I also LOVE RSS - a great way to get a handle on the massive amounts of information out there on the web - start building your own "circle of the wise." Anyone who'd like to get some RSS feeds going can just respond here and I'll give you a hand. -- j
HC: when I get on, and I want to see a particular person's profile, can I serach? how? I think I must be looking with my nose thanks

Hi Pleun - you struck through your question, but I'm going to answer it publicly anyway as it's a good one ;)

When you log on, click the "Members" tab. There is a little search box near the top of that page where you can hunt up a profile by name or by any other word in the profiles. This is a good way to find others with common interests!
hey, hc: how you doing? first thing we need is "how do I make a hyperlink in my profile" people aren't doing that in droves
Hi: I was checking out the MA Studies Network badge -- I don't see an option for adding it to a page in LinkedIn. Do you know how to do this?
Hi Annie - I checked this out, and apparently LinkedIn only allows you to put their badge on other sites, and not the other way around!
How un-collaborative! Thanks for the info, Joanne.
What would be the best way to post a link to an article? There was an interesting article in yesterday's Boston Globe,
that I thought other list members might want to see. There's not an obvious place to post something like this, though. Or am I missing something?



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