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Do you have suggestions for improvements, wild ideas for customizations, or crazy notions for modifications to this network? "Reply to this" message to post them here.

No need for techie-type talk: just describe in plain old English what you'd like to see as features in the MA Studies Network of your dreams.

We'll take all your suggestions under advisement and will have our project programmer mock up some of them as time and resources permit.

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Hi Pleun - have you tried the search box in the way upper right corner of the network (outside the frame)? You could use that to do a text search for a town or area by name.

Or perhaps you mean just searching profiles by location, and not also discussions, posts, photos, comments? Do tell...

Another possibility is to create a taxonomy for our tags that includes location, in a controlled vocabulary of placenames if we want to do it that way. Working out how best to use tags as a network organizing tool is a big next step for us.
I confess complete ignorance as to how to use tags. For instnce, if I wanteed to tag this conversation as "literature" (kidding) how would I do that?
that does seem to to work
Hi Pleun - you can tag entire discussion threads on NING, but not specific discussion posts. So, this discussion is tagged "modifications, network, ning, suggestions, tech." Always, when you have an option to tag (in photos, videos, discussion threads, notes pages) you'll see an empty box at the point of posting that's labelled "TAGS." No box? No tag option ;)
Hi there, please forgive if you've answered this before:

1) Although when I make a posting the network tells me I have 15 minutes to edit it, I don't see how I can do that. I tried cliking on the little "pencil" icon but nothing happened. So how do I do that?

Editing after you post is essential especially since you don't have a "preview the message before sending" function. (This is also something which could be very helpful.)

Sometimes you see a typo or wish to add or rephrase or upload a picture after you've sent it.

2) I found I had to tweak photos quite a bit to get them to fit in the little box. The first photo I used cut the top of my head off, which aired out my brain a bit, I guess but didn't look so hot to others. (LOL)

Now, I used a little trick in Photoshop to get my photos to fit but it would be VERY helpful if you give the dimensions of the photo box on some kind of main "info" page so we can modify our photos to fit before uploading and going "YIKES! why does it look like THAT?"

Many thanks for your help.
(this is a crossposting)
Hi Maggi - thanks for your questions!

Re/editing a post: it's easy, but not intuitive! If you click directly on your message text (the white background of the message box will turn yellow) within those 15 minutes, an editing box will open up to make changes.

If you should miss the 15 minute window, you could copy your text, delete that message and start another, pasting in your original and then editing, adding photo, etc.

This is clunky, to be sure, and we'll note your suggestions for improvement, hoping that Ning is planning to improve this feature at the system-wide level!

Re/images - it took me a while to track down the dimensions Ning has set for profile - a well-kept secret! Turns out it's 180 pixels by 180 pixels. I've added that info at the top right of the MAIN page - thanks for the tip. Nice to see the top of your head by the way ;)

I just noticed that NING must have made some changes in the "colleague request" process. When I request to add a new colleague, the language has changed back to "invite a friend." Do you know how to change that?
Hmmmm... wonder how that happened? I've changed it back in the Language file.
I've started a "discussion" for the first one, but two more ideas for "widgets": a job listing board (perhaps would be a specific bulletin board) and a way to post resumes. I'll see if I can find something.
JR: I am still struggling with the "profile" page. What if the headers of the questions don't show up? Makes it less long?

who's a geek for being online sunday night?

Hi Pleun - which questions do you mean, that have problematic headers? I'm sure we can negotiate with them to show up :)

Speaking of geekiness, I was online too last night! I got the notification of your post, and dashed over here to the network to try to catch you, so we could try a live chat. But alas, you had moved on, no doubt to other less geeky pursuits
We have CLASSIFIEDS!! Check it out and post your job listing or resume.



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