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Do you have suggestions for improvements, wild ideas for customizations, or crazy notions for modifications to this network? "Reply to this" message to post them here.

No need for techie-type talk: just describe in plain old English what you'd like to see as features in the MA Studies Network of your dreams.

We'll take all your suggestions under advisement and will have our project programmer mock up some of them as time and resources permit.

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Suggested at the MSNW Kick-off:
- A blackboard/chat room/forum located on the main page where people can post quick questions and get quick answers.
I'm going to try to find a widget to add to the Main page with this functionality.
In the add photo section, there are two choices
Use existing or use a photo that is stored on the local computer (ie: C:\My documents...\me.jpg) .
Really just one choice...

would be nice to be able to insert a true web link (

This would actually be more useful for posting up photos of ongoing work, and
not just for the personal profile page.
Thanks, Rich. So, you're talking about having a "gallery" option that allows for links to external images? We may be able to get something like that programmed.

For the time being, you could add lots of image links to the text box on your profile page, but that's not a true gallery...
Hi Dennis - good to see you here! We met at the DC meeting a while back. This platform (ning) is the one I was suggesting we use to set up a DC gathering site - still could!

Here's an example of pointing to an externally hosted image. When adding an image to my comment here, I chose the option "insert an existing image" and supplied the URL pointing to the LOC: a view of Charlestown and Bunker Hill, in honor of the day ;) This option is offered in Ning when adding images in comments, discussions, profile pages, but not - as Rich notes - in the photo gallery...

Is this what you meant?
I was just trying to set up an interest group and had a hard time because the system did not like the image I chose---although it did not tell me why. Is there a way to make requirements public, or, to suggest where to look/not look for images. I pulled one off of a wikipedia entry. Thanks, Liz
Thanks Liz. You can upload .JPG or .GIF files, for sure. Check the extension at the end of the filename, and if it's one of those two, it should work. Some wikipedia images are .SVG format (i'm not even sure what that is!) but I don't think they work here. Which wikipedia entry was it?

I'll log your note, and see if there's some way to add more info at the point of uploading.
I'd like to be able to invite members of the network to join my interest group w/out knowing what their email address is -- i.e., to invite them through their user name.
Hi Heather - a followup question: are you able to "Invite Colleagues" to your interest group?

I'm thinking the limitation you're running into might be due to the difference between "network members" and "colleagues," the latter being people you've made a specific connection with in the network. My guess is that Ning doesn't allow group creators to invite everyone in a whole network to their group because the assumption is that a group is meant for a subset of all members, not for everyone. So, you're limited to inviting people you've already connected with as "colleagues."

But, that is really problematic if you're not seeing the "Add Colleagues" option - a problem Pleun was having earlier. (Could be that she didn't yet have "colleagues" in the system, so the option didn't show...)
I do have an "invite colleagues" option, but it bounces me back to the screen where I have to specify their email address. I could have sworn I saw an option at some point to invite people based on their user names, but then I lost it... I'll keep searching!
I know! I saw it too! But where has it gone? All the documentation at refers to exactly what you're describing, so we're not imagining it ;// (e.g. see here)
It would be great to have an announcements page -- a place where we could post information about events, opportunities, accomplishments, etc. -- things that don't necessarily warrant/need discussion and that would be easily visible to other list members.



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